Best Tips on How to Start a Study Group and Be Effective

Creating a study group is one of the most effective ways to study. You use the group to discuss assignments, exchange study materials, and complete group projects. It makes studying easier because you have assistants to tackle the most difficult assignments.

Group study is, however, not easy. You end up with members who do not cooperate. At the same time, each of the members is operating at a different schedule because you engage in diverse activities.

How do you make a study team work? Here are expert tips.

Choose like-minded fellows

Choose members who understand study group benefits. Some students do not appreciate the need to join a study team. They want to study alone until they are forced into a project that requires teamwork.

The team you join must have similar goals and expectations. It means that they come from the same class and will be helping each other with assignments. Every member of the group must have something to contribute. It adds value to your group by avoiding redundancy.

Set goals for the group

The value of studying alone vs studying group can only be seen in the results you produce. You will produce results if you have goals. Determine the purpose of the group from the onset.

Study groups can help you to complete assignments. Others are used for sharing study materials like books and apps. You may extend the mandate of the group to include running academic projects like trips or performing experiments. With a clear mandate, you can track the progress and achievements of the group.

Choose group leaders

One of the most effective study group strategies is to pick leaders. Leaders guide members on how to approach various assignments. For instance, the leaders will call for meetings, monitor the progress of assignments, and follow up on assignments issued to individuals within the group.

Give different roles to members based on their abilities. A study group definition points at students with varying capabilities coming together to achieve an objective. This objective will only be achieved when there is leadership. Some of the leadership roles could be revolving so that all members participate. You avoid overburdening others, resulting in fatigue.

Utilize the strengths of each member

Each member has a unique attribute that can make the group better. One of the most important tips on how to form a study group is to go for diversity. Some students are good at technology while others are excellent researchers. Others can lead the group well. These attributes keep the group going.

If a person can write faster than the others, let him be your typist. If another is good in the library, let him lead research. Do you have one who loves the outdoors? Send him to collect data or interview people. This is one of the most effective tips on how to study in a group.

Use collaboration tools

It is not always easy to meet for group work. One of the members could be away or your area could be under lockdown. Among the best study group tips is to use technology to collaborate. Google Docs, for example, helps you to share and edit documents online. Use video calls for meetings. Use Team Viewer to hold meetings and discuss documents.

The best tip on how to start a study group is to engage beyond the class. The people you party with, go on hikes, or sing together help you to form the best study group. You already have interests beyond the class. You will always find a reason to come together.

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